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A Year of Happy Mondays – Buttercup, Squeaker, and Two Cats in a Hotel Edition

Moving lends itself to interesting adventures. Last week, SuperHubby and Munchkin stayed in Alabama to finish packing and cleaning our house there while Squeaker, Buttercup, and the two cats and I headed up toward DC. In the first two nights on the road, my children (mostly Buttercup) did a lot of things that I suspect will entertain you.

So, this week’s top ten smiles are about everything Buttercup and Squeaker did within a span of approximately 30 hours of travel time. Enjoy!

10. When I stepped into the bathroom, Buttercup found the cats’ food and put it all, piece by piece, into the cats’ water bowl.

9. We carry a step stool when we travel so Squeaker can reach the bathroom sinks. Buttercup found it and used it to set the hotel alarm.

8. Then Buttercup used the step stool to call the front desk. (I finally figured out I should disconnect the phones from the jack.)

7. Then Buttercup used the step stool (are you sensing a theme?) to steal the TV remote and turn the TV language to German. (Okay, not really. But only because I caught her too quickly.)

6. Every time the hotel air conditioner kicked on, Squeaker pointed at it and growled, “Snap out of it!” (I swear I heard him say it once or twice in his sleep too.)

5. At our second hotel, I wised up and left the step stool in the car. So Buttercup improvised with the cat carrier and used it to climb up on things instead.

4. Squeaker decided he liked jumping in Buttercup’s pack-n-play.

3. Buttercup decided the toilet was a fun new toy to play in.

2. Buttercup discovered the thrill of playing with the thermostat on the air conditioner. (Which I discovered the next day. No wonder it was so warm!)

1. And, while not something my children did… I decided the hotel parking lot needed some freshening up, so I dumped an entire box of kitchen contents all over it so that my vanilla would spill and provide some nice scents in the hot Georgia heat. (For the record, the cat litter wasn’t in the box of kitchen stuff. And neither was the step stool.)

photo 1

(Special thanks to Kelsey Browning and her son, Smarty Boy, for arriving to join us for dinner shortly after this happened and helping us cart all our stuff into the hotel room. And yay for us driving past friends who could make it to dinner with us!)

And that was just the first two days of travel. Have I mentioned we’re living in hotel rooms for the next two weeks still? Stay tuned, y’all… the fun is just starting. 🙂 Happy Monday!

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Daniel Hamin says June 16, 2014

To bad the wash soap didn’t break open, then when it rained there would have vanilla scented bubbles.

Marcy X says June 16, 2014

but just think how bored you would be without them..that would be a long long trip however, i guess you could listen to a couple of audiobooks!

Gretchen says June 17, 2014

yay for adventures. too funny

Amber Tinsley says June 18, 2014

You can’t beat free entertainment lol. I used to love going to comedy shows, but now I just kick back and watch my kiddo. P.S. I still find it amazing that two of my favorite authors are friends. I think it was Kelsey that turned me on to you…well that didn’t sound right…

    Jamie Farrell says June 18, 2014

    LOL, Amber! 🙂 I adore Kelsey! We’ve been friends and critique partners since I was pregnant with Munchkin, but we’ve only met in person a handful of times.

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