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How To Have A Great Military Ball

My steak and potatoes

My steak and potatoes

SuperHubby's steak

SuperHubby’s steak and… potatoes?

SuperHubby has spent the last year in a training program, and this past weekend we went to his graduation ball. We got dressed up all fancy and said goodbye to friends we’ve made over the last year.

And, because I love you all, I captured the best snippets of conversation from the night to share with you here.

“What’s wrong with your potatoes?”

“Are those handcuffs in your ears?” (Yes. Yes, they were.)

“Flash stole your butter.”

“That reminds me of an inappropriate joke I heard about potatoes.” (No, I still haven’t talked the story out of the guy who said it. But I’ll bet we could google “dirty potato jokes” and call it about the same.)

“Did you put a body in your trunk?” (More on this one tomorrow, because this story seriously deserves its own day.)

“Yes, he is the reason I write romance novels.” (Side note: This can be taken very, very wrong. It’s a good thing SuperHubby is a good sport!)

“My apologies in advance if my steak flies off my plate and hurts anyone.” (SuperHubby says my knife technique was wrong, but I think it’s far more likely that a steak knife would’ve been more appropriate than a butter knife in cutting our dinner.)

The peanut butter pie was absolutely to die for, the dresses were beautiful, and the guest speaker was a living legend. Gene Kranz led a team during the Apollo 13 mission (if you saw the movie, he was played by Ed Harris), and hearing his story first-hand was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

All in all, it was a great year, but we’re looking forward to moving on to our next adventure too!

In the month of June, my family and I are moving! But I love you guys, so I’m giving away a surprise to one blog commenter. I don’t know what it will be (yet), but it will be fun, and it could be anything! (I’m thinking it might be related to THE HUSBAND GAMES.) Want to enter? Just comment on any blog that I post in the month of June. The more blogs you comment on, the more chances you have to win! Limit one entry per post, though feel free to comment as much as you wish! Full contest and giveaway rules here.

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Laura says June 11, 2014

I love hearing one liners from an event. Sure it may be out of context and make perfect sense if you’d heard what was said before and after but it’s more fun to imagine what brought on those comments. And you’ve got to wonder why you didn’t have steak knifes at an event where steak was served. 🙂

Thanks for sharing, looking forward to the body in the trunk story tomorrow.

Marcy X says June 11, 2014

it does sound like you enjoyed your evening since you did not share any statements that started with ” i am soo sorry”…but i too want to know about the body in the trunk.

Gretchen says June 12, 2014

too funny

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