A Year of Happy Mondays - Ten Things I'll Miss About The South - Jamie Farrell

A Year of Happy Mondays – Ten Things I’ll Miss About The South

Today is my last day in the South. Well, maybe not my last-ever day, but my last-for-the-foreseeable-future day. So today, I’m celebrating a bunch of things that I love about the South, and I hope these bring a smile to your face too!

10. I love that the South has places like Cooters Pond Park.


We’ve lived a couple miles from this for the last year.

9. And that there are Bubba’s on every corner.


This particular Bubba’s is across the street from Cooters Pond Park. It’s across another street from Crazy Bill’s Fireworks.

8. I will miss living in a place that has spas that give away shotguns.


This sign appeared outside our neighborhood every Christmas when we lived in northern Florida


7. I’ll miss grits and the celebration of the grits. Seriously, y’all. Go south of the Mason-Dixon line, and you can visit the World Grits Festival and the National Grits Festival (in the Grits Capital of the World) and the Shrimps and Grits Festival. And the grits at the Fish House in Pensacola. (Oh, grits, how I will miss you!!)

6. I’ll miss armadillos. (Maybe. It’s a fun word to say, and most of the armadillos I’ve ever seen have been roadkill, but they’ve been with me for so long now, it’s hard to imagine life without them. Plus I had a lot of fun with them in Southern Fried Blues.)

5. And I’ll definitely miss Publix Supermarkets. (I know Jackson Davis‘s Mamie will bless my heart for saying this, but my Publix has The Best Fried Chicken In The South. O.M.G. Y’all. The Publix deli has it going on. LOVE that stuff.)

4. Speaking of getting my heart blessed… I’m totally going to miss those too. “Oh, honey. Bless your heart.” The mental exercise in figuring out if I’ve just been insulted or commiserated with has kept me sharp all these years. And the sayings! Southern people have a way with language. I love it!


3. I’ll miss that when SuperHubby or I tell the kids to put their shoes on to go somewhere, Munchkin will no longer legitimately be able to say, “No, Mom, I don’t have to. We live in Alabama (or Georgia or Florida).”

2. I’ll miss Southern gentlemen. (But I will always have Jackson Davis. And soon, another Southern hero, this one of the redneck-stuck-in-Bliss variety, when I start major revisions on the very rough first draft of The Battle of The Boyfriends, book two in the Misfit Brides of Bliss series.) (***And I’ll always have SuperHubby.)

1. Most of all, I’ll miss good ol’ Southern hospitality. We aren’t locals, but through four different assignments at four different Southern bases, we were always made to feel at home.

So to the Deep South of America, thank you for a great decade! We’ll come back and visit as soon as we can!

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forgethousework says June 9, 2014

Awww the South will miss you! Good luck moving! <3

Pam Martin says June 9, 2014

The South will surely miss you all as well…..i also have to agree on the Publix fried chicken ( just until i can get mine to come out good)….best of luck on your move be safe…..ps Virginia is south of the Mason-Dixon Line you may have your grits but no armadillos

Diana says June 9, 2014

We get Publix fried chicken every time we’re in Florida for a visit. That stuff is awesome. Be safe.

Endora says June 9, 2014

Will miss you down here. Give them all a hug from Miss Dora

LauraL says June 9, 2014

No armadillos in Virginia, but we do have grits and Southern gentlemen, and just wait until you get some good ham biscuits at the holidays. Safe travels to you and yours!

    Jamie Farrell says June 9, 2014

    Ham biscuits!! Oh, I can’t wait! 🙂

Gretchen says June 12, 2014

Love it

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