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Wicked Fun Wednesday, Mr. Good Enough Version

I’m still hiding from the world doing a final polish on The Husband Games before my critique partners take one last crack at it, and I’m also working hard on that other surprise I might’ve mentioned on Monday, so here’s a quick snippet of one of my favorite scenes from Mr. Good Enough. Enjoy!

* * *

MrGoodEnough9“Get in the truck, Maddie.”

“Nothing personal, but I’d rather get some fresh air.”

He rocked back on his heels, and a faint grin curved his lips. “Neighbors are watching. Word gets back to old Joe you left me here, taking my side won’t mean a thing.”

So he had noticed. She pulled herself up to her full five feet, five-and-a-half inches, and ignored the face plastered to the window of the bungalow across the street. “For your information, that was for my mother’s benefit.”

“And she wants me to take you home.”

She rolled her eyes. “That was for Joe’s benefit.”

He took a step back and tilted his head. His eyes wandered over her body. She crossed her arms, heat rising in her face. “What are you doing?”

“Trying to figure out the best way to stuff you up in the truck with the least amount of damage.”

“To you, or the truck?”

He scratched his head. “Still working on deciding that.”

* * *

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Mona Kekstadt says May 7, 2014

I have to read this..it’s on my kindle..I just bought and received my PB copy of Southern Fried Blue..love the cover of the book..and I will pass on..such a wonderful book. Any new books coming out?

    Jamie Farrell says May 7, 2014

    This summer for a new book, Mona! 🙂 More details coming hopefully soon – it’s in a round of critiques so I can make sure I’m giving y’all the best book I can write. 🙂

    Thank you so much for your support!! 🙂

Daniel Hamin says May 7, 2014

Sheesh first she says she is going into hiding to finish her book, then complains no one is reading her blog and commenting on it. Must be a MOM.

Julie Hafermann says May 7, 2014

Your books sound fantastic! Keep up the good work!!

Shari says May 7, 2014

Sounds fun. I need to find time to read it. On my kindle

Gretchen says May 8, 2014


bn100 says May 8, 2014

Fun excerpt

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