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Epic Giveaway Winners!!

Wow, y'all!! I'm totally overwhelmed at how many of you have signed up to help me find good new homes for my books and cookbooks! Thank you so much!!

We have winners, but two quick things first:

One, MR. Read more >

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Friday Funnies


SuperHubby texted me this yesterday.

Seriously. Who would burgle a flower shop? 😉

If you haven't entered to win yesterday's epic giveaway, you still have time!! Winners announced tomorrow!

And if you haven't signed up for my newsletter, do it now!! Big news coming within DAYS!!

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Help A Military Wife Move Epic Final Giveaway!!

It's a moving celebration!!

Our moving truck arrives in days, you guys. DAYS. And I just found another HUGE stack of books, along with a big ol' stack of cookbooks.

And they all need new homes.

So today, we have not one, not two, but SEVEN giveaways!!

Like Nora Roberts? Jennifer Crusie? Kathleen Read more >

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How To Celebrate A Wednesday

Yesterday's lesson while editing The Husband Games:

There's a big difference between a man confessing to a crowded stadium that he “screwed up a lot” and that he “screwed a lot.”

And you’ll just have to wait until Read more >

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Squeaker, Munchkin, and the Ninja Bunny

NinjaBunny EatYourCarrots

The other night at dinner, Squeaker didn't want to eat his carrots. So SuperHubby looked at Munchkin. “Hey, Munchkin. Who eats a lot of carrots?”

Munchkin: “Mommy.” (True. I'm addicted to roasted carrots.)

SuperHubby: “Who else?”

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A Year of Happy Mondays – Memorial Day Edition


SuperHubby has been in the military for over a decade, so this Monday, all my smiles are about my favorite moments courtesy of military life. Happy Monday, and be safe, y'all!

My Top Ten Favorite Moments of Military Life

10. Watching the Thunderbirds fly over my house during practice before an air show when SuperHubby and I lived on Read more >

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Friday Fun

Y'all, I can't believe how close it is to our move! My house is getting packed up bit by bit, my two younger kids are in their last day of preschool, and I have the winner from my maybe-last, but probably-not-last Help A Military Wife Move giveaway!

(Y’all, I seriously appreciate Read more >

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Thursday Fun and Randomness

The Husband Games - Cover and Release Date Coming Soon!

Before I tell you all about a bunch of giveaways and other cool stuff….

Are you signed up for my newsletter?

Because the next one will have some VERY EXCITING INFORMATION.

Here's a hint:

Click here to sign up for my newsletter!

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Lunchtime with Squeaker

We had pizza for lunch the other day. But Squeaker said it was too hot. So he flipped it upside down (so the cheese was on the plate and the crust was up), and he asked me to cut it.

Like a snowman.

(Side note: How do you cut a pizza like a SNOWMAN?)

So, I cut it vertically, but he shrieked, “No! Read more >

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Happy Release Day to Jeannie Moon and The Wedding Secret!

Jeannie Moon, The Wedding Secret

The Wedding Secret is available today!! Happy release day, Jeannie Moon!

I first read Jeannie when her debut, The Temporary Wife, came out last Read more >

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