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A Year of Happy Mondays – Best of Strawberries Edition

Ten Best Ways to Eat StrawberriesWe went strawberry-picking this weekend, which all the kids loved, and now I’m up to my ears in berry heaven. Which means today, all ten of my smiles are about strawberries!

The Top Ten Ways to Eat Strawberries

10. Cheesecake stuffed strawberries (I haven’t tried these, but I want to, and I imagine they taste like little bits of heaven.)

9. Strawberry ice cream (This Ben & Jerry’s recipe is our favorite!)

8. Strawberry daiquiris (It’s like springtime wine. Very necessary after a day of shrieking, streaking children.)

7. Grandma’s Strawberry Cake (If you only try one strawberry cake recipe in your whole entire life, this is the one.)

6. Chocolate covered strawberries (Yum.)

5. Fresh strawberries, plain or with whipped cream (Sometimes, simple is perfect.)

4. Strawberries in crepes (Y’all. If you click one link today, click this one! OMG!! Looks so fantastic! We eat our crepes too fast to gather enough for this recipe, but one day… one day, I will.)

3. Strawberry shortcake (or chocolate strawberry shortcake)

2. Strawberry pie (My first strawberry pie came from A Slice of Pie in Rolla, Missouri, which is the very best pie shop in the entire world. Y’all, Anna bakes pies in Southern Fried Blues because A Slice of Pie changed my life. So even though she didn’t make Jackson a strawberry pie (it wasn’t strawberry season), you can trust me when I say she knows how. And her pies are awesome.)

1. Strawberry pizza with ricotta and Nutella (Doesn’t that sound amazing?! I bought Nutella and ricotta yesterday so I can force my children to sample this. I like to torture them. Obviously.)

If you’re not feeling the Monday love, I hope you’re feeling the strawberry love. Have a great week, and enjoy the rest of April. You have a couple more days to get your comments in to be entered to win April’s monthly contest, and remember to enter to win Friday’s Help A Military Wife Move Giveaway featuring historical romances by Gaelen Foley, Victoria Alexander, and Teresa Bodwell!

For the month of April, I’m giving away a signed copy of the winner’s choice of Southern Fried Blues or Mr. Good Enough! To enter, just leave a comment on any blog post. The more blogs you comment on, the more chances you have to win! Limit one entry per post, though feel free to comment as much as you wish! Full contest rules here.



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Angela M. says April 28, 2014

I enjoy strawberry shortcake but I would rather leave off the cake and just have strawberries and whipped cream. But my all time favorite way to eat a strawberry is after it’s sat in a full champagne flute. Best treat ever! But boy, with Ricotta & Nutella sounds amazing! I may have to make that maybe this weekend to see just how amazing it is.

    Jamie Farrell says April 28, 2014

    Angela, if you make it, let me know how it is! The weather might mess with my plans for my own this week… 🙂

Rachel says April 28, 2014

So glad feeding your A slice of Pie obsession (or was that my obsession) inspired your writing. I see a future blog topic the moods and flavors of pie…

    Jamie Farrell says April 28, 2014

    Oh, Rachel, that’s a great idea!

Julie Hafermann says April 28, 2014

All these strawberry posts make me want to go strawberry picking!! Love it! 😉

bn100 says April 28, 2014

Tasty ways to eat it

Gretchen says April 28, 2014

Sounds delish

Shari says April 30, 2014

Love strawberries, I have made the cheesecake stuffed berries, so yummy!

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