Teaser Thursday - Jamie Farrell

Teaser Thursday

One day until the weekend, but today’s the last day to get MR. GOOD ENOUGH on sale for $0.99! Mr. Good Enough by Jamie Farrell 99 cent Sale ImageHurry hurry!

And just for kicks, as a thank you for dropping by today, here’s a little snippet from Mr. Good Enough!

Trent had been a lot of things since leaving his hometown of Wendell Springs, Illinois, but dead was not one of them. Hell, if he’d known, he wouldn’t have bothered coming back. Easy to forget his problems if he were dead.

But despite the insane story Maddie told him, he hadn’t died in a car crash in Vegas six years ago, nor of anything else anytime before or after.

Insane also described Maddie pretty well. He remembered her from high school. Lots of girls had mooned over him, but Maddie was the only one who’d offered to do his math homework, breezed through the hard questions, but made dumb mistakes on the easy ones. Would’ve been cute if she hadn’t been a Mason.

He dropped his head in his hands. “So everybody thinks I’m dead.”

“Yep,” Maddie said. “Well, except Abel. He thinks you’re a zombie. You think maybe the next time you see him, you could sort of stick your arms out and moan “braaaiinns,” at him? Things have been a little slow around here lately.”


Intrigued? Snag your copy today!

And remember – last day to enter last week’s Help-A-Military-Wife-Move giveaway!

For the month of April, I’m giving away a signed copy of the winner’s choice of Southern Fried Blues or Mr. Good Enough! To enter, just leave a comment on any blog post. The more blogs you comment on, the more chances you have to win! Limit one entry per post, though feel free to comment as much as you wish! Full contest rules here.

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