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Jackson Davis’s Guide to Homemade Pie

Since it’s Pi Day, and since Jackson fell in love with his Anna Grace’s pie almost as hard as he fell in love with his Anna Grace in Southern Fried Blues, today, I present to you…

Jackson Davis’s Guide to Homemade Pie

First thing y’all need to know…

Anna Grace doesn’t put bacon grease in her pie crusts.

SouthernFriedBlues Pie Crust

 And now that we’ve got that out of the way…

Y’all are somebody special if Anna Grace is wiling to make you a pie.

Cherry pie with a lattice crust on a picnic table

Anna Grace can find any old reason to make a pie, but her apology pies are the best.

Anna Grace Apology Pie - Southern Fried Blues

A good peach pie might could make a man fall in love.

Jackson Davis Fall In Love Peach Pie

‘Scuse me, now, folks. I gotta go find me some pie.

p.s. Why not celebrate Pi Day with a piece of pie and a good book? If you love pie (and romance, and Southern, and fun, and love, and redneck rocket scientists, and gentlemen, and military guys), you’re gonna love Southern Fried Blues! 

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