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Random Mr. Good Enough Fun!

Jamie Farrell's husband reading Mr. Good Enough, a fun, small-town contemporary romanceLast night on Facebook, I posted this picture of my hubby reading Mr. Good Enough. And y’all!

Y’all showed him the LOVE! 🙂

Of course, you didn’t get the running commentary. “Oh, honey, what does Maddie want to do with Trent in Ruby’s bathroom?”

“Did you mean for everything Ruby says to have a double meaning?” (Said with the eyebrow wiggle, of course.)

Then there was the text as I was Facebook partying with Jennie Marts to celebrate her new book, and the hubby was laying in bed reading.

I think it was three times that I misread “crazy ass hair.”

(Side note: I’ll be checking the punctuation on that one today.)

(Other side note: He keeps reading over breakfast while the kids are shouting and dancing. I think he might like it.)

In other news, did you know Mr. Good Enough has a Pinterest board? It does! In fact, all my books (including The Husband Games) have Pinterest boards!

I had a lot of fun putting the board together. Here! Take a peek at a couple of my pins!

Gina wants to be a zombie slayer

Trent Sawyer from Mr. Good Enough, a fun small-town contemporary romance by Jamie Farrell

(Isn’t he CUTE?!)

Check out the full Pinterest board here!

You can also add Mr. Good Enough at Goodreads, and remember to grab your copy now, while it’s still $0.99!

And, if you’re a Kindle owner, check it out of the Kindle Owners Lending Library!

Have an AWESOME Wednesday, y’all! 🙂

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