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Husband of the Year: A Steady, Dedicated Guy!

Amy and Rob

Amy and Rob

Y'all ready to meet another awesome husband? This week, we have Amy from So Many Reads telling us about her husband! I'm loving these love stories, y'all! Let's get to it!

Jamie: Tell me about how you met your husband.

Amy: I met my husband, Rob, through a mutual friend Read more >

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One For The Writers: My Favorite Resources, From Idea To Polished Book

Writing With A Pen

Once upon a time, I was a new military wife sitting up late at night hiding my writing from my husband because I was so embarrassed to admit to anyone that I thought I had a book in me. And now, *mumble mumble* years and manuscripts later, I want to give a shout-out to the people who have helped Read more >

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A Year of Happy Mondays, Take One

A Year of Happy Mondays with Jamie Farrell, Year of Happiness, Week One

There seems to be a general consensus that Mondays kinda suck. Which is too bad, really. I mean, did Monday ask to be Monday? Maybe Monday secretly wanted to be Friday, or even Thursday, but it wasn't able to summon the pep it needed on Day try-out day, and it got stuck being Monday.

Poor Read more >

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Our First Husband of the Year!

Amanda and Wes

Amanda and Wes on their wedding day

As part of the Year of Happiness, we're celebrating awesome husbands! And today's husband is total Husband of the Year material. Wesley was nominated by his sweet wife, Amanda. When Amanda saw my blog post asking for nominations, she sent me this:

Husbands are amazingly great and evil. Read more >

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How to Have a Happy 2014

Happy New Year Fireworks

In honor of 2014 being the Year of Happiness, as proclaimed by me and celebrated here for the next 365 days and beyond, I present to you the top ten things I'm excited about in 2014!

10. Moving! (Yep, we’re moving again. And yep, I’m  looking forward to it. It’s all about Read more >

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