A Year of Happy Mondays, The Fourth - Jamie Farrell

A Year of Happy Mondays, The Fourth

Jamie Farrell's Year of Happy Mondays 4Ooh, do you hear that? That’s the sound of the last Monday in January. So how are we all doing? Ready to bring in February with its hearts and flowers and romance and happiness?

Okay, okay, I’ll wait for you to get coffee before I mention the love and schmoopsy-poo stuff again.

What say we just skip right ahead to the happiness?


This Monday’s Top Ten Things That Make Me Smile

Pretty Patterns!

Pretty Patterns!

10. Egg Art

Egg Art 2

Okay, yes, I’m a dork.

9. The Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon rolls

8. My kitty cat snuggling me under the covers on a cold morning

7. Blackberry Wine

6. Apples to Apples, the board game (I haven’t tried Cards Against Humanity yet, but it’s on my list of things to do.)

5. Pride and Prejudice (Both the book and the Colin Firth version. Sigh.)

Brownie Coats by Patrick Ballesteros

Brownie Coats – Awesome Firefly-inspired print by Patrick Ballesteros

4. Patrick Ballesteros’s Brownie Coats print

3. The time 11:11. (It’s like the time stands up and shouts “I’m number one!” four times in a row.)

2. Kaylie Newell’s Facebook posts (Seriously, go follow Kaylie. She’s hysterical!)

1. Lee Brice’s “Woman Like You”

There you go. Happy Monday! What are you smiling about today?

p.s. Need more? Check out the last few weeks here!

p.p.s. I’m always up for happy guests! Or people who want to pretend to be happy guests. Or for grumpy guests trying to turn over a new leaf. Or… you get the idea. Want to talk about what makes you happy on a Monday morning? Email me or drop me a line on my contact page!

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Wendy S. Marcus says January 27, 2014

Egg are, really? You certainly are easily amused – one of the things I really like about you!!! And we love Apples to Apples, too! Happy Monday!

Wendy S. Marcus says January 27, 2014

of course that should be egg art….not egg are. Still adjusting to my Monday.

    Jamie Farrell says January 27, 2014

    Definitely easily amused. 🙂 It’s one of my better qualities. Hope the rest of your Monday is painless and enjoyable! 🙂 Always appreciate you stopping by, Wendy!

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