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Husband of the Year – A Confident Dad

This year, in honor of the launch of The Husband Games, we’re featuring awesome husbands every Friday! This week, we have my sweet Twitter friend Angie telling us about her husband, Edward. You might remember Angie – she gave me the best recipe for banana pudding a few months back! And I’m super excited that she’s sharing Edward with us today! 


Jamie: Tell me about how you met your husband.Angie and Edward 2

Angie: My husband and I met on my twentieth birthday.  I was in college, supposed to be going home for my birthday, and we had an ice storm so I couldn’t travel.  I went with a group of friends dancing that night.  My roommate ran into some people from one of her classes and introduced me.  I really wasn’t paying much attention, but she introduced me to Edward.  He asked me to dance later and that was the last time I saw him that night.  Honestly he looked about 10 years older than all of us and I thought “what a loser to hang with all of us young adults”. In actuality he is one year YOUNGER than me.  A few weeks later Edward showed up at our apartment for a study group and made sure that I talked to him. The next day he left a rose for me outside our door and showed up after class to ask me out. We’ve been together ever since.

Jamie: When did you know he was the one for you?

Angie: I really don’t think there was ever that one defining moment.  From the moment we started dating, we became best friends.  We spent most of our time together and we just knew that we had found the one we wanted.  He is the only guy I have ever said I love you to, so once I told him, I knew he would have my heart forever.

Jamie: What’s your favorite small thing that he does for you?
Angie and Edward 1Angie: He’s great at occupying the girls in the afternoons, and giving me a little time to wind down from work.  I teach school and my girls go with me….so I’m with my kids or students 99% of my day.  It’s nice to come home, grab a book and just have a little quiet time.

Jamie: What’s your favorite story about him?
Angie: I’ve got a funny story.  When we were in college we would meet after our last class of the day and walk to my car.

Edward rode his bike to campus everyday and just parked his truck at my apartment.  One afternoon we were leaving class and walking across campus.  Or rather I’m walking and he’s trying to ride his bike slowly so we can talk.  I finally tell him to ride ahead, get my car and just meet me in front of a building about ½ way across campus.

As he’s leaving he decides he’s going to grab my rear as he goes by.  When he does, his handle bars catch my backpack and propel me forward and onto the ground.  I had no idea what had happened.  My knees and elbows are bleeding and I’m all skinned up.  More embarrassed than mad, I just told him to go get the car.  He felt terrible.  By the time he picked me up I was laughing hard as I imagined what people thought when he knocked me down and then road off on his bike.  I think he was relieved that I was laughing and not mad.  I like to tell people about the time I was hit by a bicyclist in college.  I know that’s not very romantic, but it is kinda like our relationship.  We have things happen but we always tend to find the humor.

Jamie: What is your husband’s sexiest feature?
Angie: Can confidence be a feature?  My husband’s a fireman, so I think just seeing him at work in his element is one of my favorite things.

Jamie: If he were competing in the Husband Games, which event would he win?
Angie:The Cooking competition.  He loves to cook and cooks many of the meals at his fire station.  I prefer his cooking over mine any day!

Huge thanks to Angie for sharing Edward with us today! I have to say, I adore the bike story. A sense of humor is so important in relationships! And such a beautiful family! Thanks, Angie!

If you know a great husband, I’d love for you to nominate him! Email me or drop me a line on my contact page! Happy Friday!

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Colette Ballard says January 25, 2014

What a fantastic story! And hilarious! 🙂

    Jamie Farrell says January 26, 2014

    Isn’t it wonderful, Colette? 🙂 This story’s going in my “re-read when I’m having a downer day” file. Angie’s awesome to share!

Beth says January 31, 2014

Angie has been my best friend since 2nd grade. I love her and Edward- and their girls are adorable!!

    Jamie Farrell says February 1, 2014

    How sweet, Beth! So lucky to have such an awesome best friend. 🙂 I just love chatting with Angie on Twitter!

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