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Husband Of The Year – A Long Distance Love

Happy Friday! This year, in honor of the upcoming launch of The Husband Games, we’re celebrating everyday heroes and featuring awesome husbands. This week, we have my Twitter friend and fellow author, Katie Bailey, here to tell us about her husband, Dave! These two are so sweet. Hope you enjoy their love story!

Katie and Dave 2013

Jamie: Welcome, Katie! Tell me about how you met your husband.

Katie: Oddly enough, though we lived in neighboring towns for several years and even went to the same church growing up, I didn’t actually meet him until freshman year of high school and a mutual friend introduced us.  The real kicker?  By that point, Dave had moved a state away!

Jamie: When did you know he was the one for you?

Katie: We’d been friends for a little while already, and he was constantly on my mind.  It might sound silly, but I knew he was the one when Sparky, the family dog died.  Sparky had been around for most of my life, and Dave stayed up crazy late that night talking to me online, comforting me, even though we both had school the next morning.

Jamie: What’s your favorite small thing that he does for you?

Katie: I’ll list it as small because it might be to some people, but, to me, it means the world.  He holds me.  Sometimes, when my depression gets the best of me or I have anxiety attacks–and, yes, even at “just because” times–he holds me close, letting me feel safe and loved.

Katie and Dave 2010Jamie: What’s the grandest gesture he’s ever made?

Katie: He makes a lot, but I’d list endurance up there.  As I mentioned, we started our relationship long-distance.  We remained long-distance for a good 6+ years until we got married, but he didn’t mind sticking it out if it meant being together.  We still talked all the time and he’d make trips out to visit car-less me whenever he could.  Now that we’re married (over 3 years wed, but together as a couple for 10 years on February 10th!), the hardships of high student loan rates and a rough economy pulled us apart again; in order to work jobs that would allow us to pay off the necessary bills, we have to live in separate states once more.  Despite all this, he still remains steadfast in our relationship and travels to visit me whenever work permits.  Never once have we “taken a break,” and he has remained by my side physically or emotionally regardless of the obstacles.  If you ask me, that’s pretty grand.  (On a side note, we hope to have enough paid off and saved up to have a house and live together again in the coming months!)

Jamie: What is your husband’s sexiest feature?

Katie: Like, physical feature?  He has plenty, but I have to say his smile.  He has the cutest little boy grin, and it melts me time and again.
Katie and Dave2006
Jamie: If he were competing in the Husband Games, which event would he win?

Katie: I’d have to say he’d rock at video game marathoning.  Playing games together is something we love, but, of course, not all are dual-player.  When it comes to ones that my lacking coordination fails, he’ll man the controls so we can enjoy it together–sometimes for hours on end, days in a row.  Pretty much, he’s awesome.

Huge thanks to Katie for sharing Dave with us today! Hope you two get to spend the weekend together, and happy early anniversary! 🙂

If you’d like to know more about Katie and her writing, check out her Facebook or Tumblr pages!

And if you know an awesome husband who should be featured as a Husband of the Year, email me or drop me a line on my contact page. Happy weekend, everybody!

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