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Home Brewing Turned Healthy

Friday afternoon, Munchkin came running in the door after school with a bag. “Mom!” he yelled. “The neighbor gave me beer stuff for Daddy!”

Which meant the hubby spent part of Saturday afternoon brewing, which meant Saturday evening, I was presented with the normal question:

“Honey, do you want to use the spent grains in anything?”

Spent Grains from beer brewing, going on the dehydrator

(One of the first steps in making beer is to crush grains, then pour boiling water over them so that the water soaks up all the to-be-beery goodness. At the end of this step, the water, which has now absorbed a bunch of the sugars out of the grains, is drained off and used in the next beer-making step, and the wet, used grains are discarded.)

A few months back, we tried spent-grain bread. . Since then, hubby’s heard of other people using the grains in granola, dog biscuits, and even in vegetarian burgers. It’s all basically whole-grain goodness, so why not? We whipped up a batch of granola bars (slight failure, but we’ll try again), and still had several cups left.

So hubby pulled out the dehydrator.

Sunday morning, we had three sheets of dry spent grains, which he tossed into the Vitamix and turned into spent grain flour. Can’t wait until the next time my kids ask for blueberry muffins or pancakes. I’m gonna sneak some extra fiber in on them, and they’ll never know the difference.

So tell me, do you know any home brewers? Or have any interest in learning for yourself?

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Pam Mantovani says January 15, 2014

My husband and son are avid home brewers! I have spent grain in the freezer to make bread but simply haven’t taken the time to do so yet.

    Jamie Farrell says January 15, 2014

    It’s so hard to use all of it, Pam! But I’m thinking this dehydrating method might make for less waste. 🙂 Let me know how your bread turns out when you get to it!

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