A Year of Happy Mondays, The Second

It’s week two of the Year of Happiness, and we’re pushing ahead full-steam! I have lots of happy things saved up for you guys for the next several weeks. So let’s get down to business with some smiles on this Monday morning, shall we?

This Week’s Top Ten Things To Smile About On A Monday Morning:

Watch out, Minion! Mr. Chompies is going to get you!
Watch out, Minion! Mr. Chompies is going to get you!

10. That Squeaker calls pliers and clamps “Mr. Chompies.”

9. Freshly washed sheets

8. Avenue Q

7. The Macarena (it’s nostalgic, y’all!)

6. The word “y’all”

5. Nathan Fillion

4. Pedicures

3. S’mores

2. That epic little spelling error in Susan Andersen’s Baby, I’m Yours (Over two years later, this one still makes me roll with hysterical laughter. Check it out. Seriously. It will make your whole week.)

1. This Waffle Wedded Wife video


Want more smiles? Check out last week’s list! Or you could always give Southern Fried Blues a read. Or a re-read. Trust me. That’ll work. 😉

Happy Monday, y’all!

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