A Year of Happy Mondays, Take One - Jamie Farrell

A Year of Happy Mondays, Take One

A Year of Happy Mondays with Jamie Farrell, Year of Happiness, Week OneThere seems to be a general consensus that Mondays kinda suck. Which is too bad, really. I mean, did Monday ask to be Monday? Maybe Monday secretly wanted to be Friday, or even Thursday, but it wasn’t able to summon the pep it needed on Day try-out day, and it got stuck being Monday.

Poor Monday.

(It’s possible I shouldn’t try to prep blogs on a Sunday night after peeling and chopping twelve pounds of carrots. But it’s also possible that’s beside the point…)

So today, and for every Monday for the rest of the year, I’m listing ten things that make me happy in the hopes that at least one of them will bring an extra smile to your Monday.

Or, it’s possible you’ll discover I’m a bit odd. Which will hopefully also make you smile, no matter if it’s because we’re kindred spirits or because you’re relieved you’re more normal than me.

On to this week’s list!

The First Ten Things That Make Me Happy

I'll exercise for bacon!

I’ll exercise for bacon!

1. Babysitters

2. This joke: Four men are walking down the street. Three walk into a bar. The fourth ducks.

3. Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow

4. My bacon shirt

5. When I ask Squeaker when was the last time he went potty, he replies, “Fine. Five.” Every time.

6. Rainbows

7. Static making a baby’s hair stand on end

8.  Finding a penny on the ground

9. Firefly

10. The video to Jerrod Niemann’s “Lover, Lover”

Want to play? Tell me something you’re happy about! (Yes, even on a Monday.)

Stay tuned! A certain Southern gentleman has convinced me I should post his last deleted scene sometime this week…

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Michelle Harlan says January 6, 2014

Last day of kids’ winter break and we’re taking advantage of the unusually cold weather in south Texas by huddling up in my bed and watching a Glee marathon! My kids are getting to the age where hanging out with parents is becoming “not so cool”, so I love days like this!

    Jamie Farrell says January 8, 2014

    Hope you had a ton of fun, Michelle! Coming off nineteen straight days of my 6-and-under set being all, “Mom! Mommy! Mom!” constantly, it’s good to remember that one day they won’t even want to talk to me.

Marcia says January 6, 2014

This Monday…and every Monday I thank God for all my blessings which sounds a lot like your list of them. Loved the video…thanks for sharing!

    Jamie Farrell says January 8, 2014

    Thanks for stopping by, Marcia! 🙂 It’s so good to count our blessings – makes the tough days seem more bearable, doesn’t it?

Amy R says January 6, 2014

Snow days from school. Usually parents hate those, but to me it means I get to stay home with my kids – can’t go in to work. Snow day for them = snow day for me. I love your Bacon shirt.

    Jamie Farrell says January 8, 2014

    Sweet! My sister enjoyed the snow day too. 🙂 And I’m wearing the bacon shirt again today, lol. It’s my new favorite. 🙂

    So glad you were able to give Kelsey such a big hand with her release! It’s been awesome watching her take off. 🙂

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