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Our First Husband of the Year!

As part of the Year of Happiness, we’re celebrating awesome husbands! And today’s husband is total Husband of the Year material. Wesley was nominated by his sweet wife, Amanda. When Amanda saw my blog post asking for nominations, she sent me this:

Amanda and Wes

Amanda and Wes on their wedding day

Husbands are amazingly great and evil. LOL! I met mine 14 years ago. I was coming out of a bad relationship and it seemed like I was always changing myself for a man. So, when I met Wes I had already decide I wasn’t changing myself for anyone or settling for less than I deserve. I told him that if he was in love with me he needed to make sure I knew it and he would have to make me the center of his world. And if he couldn’t handle it then that was ok and we’d just be friends. Amazingly, he stuck around & has made me the center for his world.
He’s a horrible dancer, he knows it but it doesn’t stop him from doing it and having fun and making everyone laugh.
He buys jewelry, our first Christmas he bought me a diamond heart pendant. When I told him it was too much he said he didn’t do it Santa brought it.
He washes and waxes my car and now he does it with our 3 kids (8, 5, &3).
He knows my love of cars. It’s something we have in common. So last year before my birthday he found an old ’67 Camaro. He bought it so we would have an old rusty car to work on together. A nice long project that would take us years of working on together to finish.
He totally supports my wanting to be a stay at home mom. And not just until the kids go to school. Forever, because my mommy gig isn’t up just because they go to school.
He knows it’s hard to be at home with kids all day and not have much interaction with adults. So when I tell him I need some time to go have a drink with a friend he says no problem and to have fun.
He’s a very manly man. LOL! He can work on cars/truck and remodel a house. We did that when we first got married. And we didn’t kill each other.
He always kisses me when he gets home or before he leaves.
When I disagree with his mother, which is often, he’s always on my side and stands up for me.
He lets our girls put make up on him, and is always up for a tea party.
He’s a total smartass and he always knows what to say to make me laugh.
Ok I could rattle on about him forever. He really is the love of my life. He’s not perfect but he’s perfect for me. Loving, supportive, infuriating, and all mine.

Jamie: Aw, doesn’t he sound like a great guy? This nomination summed up exactly why he’s Husband of the Year material, but I asked Amanda a few more questions anyway. Just for fun.

Amanda and Wes

Amanda and Wes

Jamie: Tell me a little bit more about Wes.

Amanda: The boring stuff is that he is a Union insulator. He works exceptionally hard to provide for our family. He may be gone to work out of town at the drop of a hat. He loves his truck that he’s had since he was 16. Horsepower and Chevrolet are things we both love.

Jamie: When did you know he was The One?

Amanda: Well he put up with my ultimatum. LOL. But I truly knew he was it when a friend and I stopped by his house (he lived with his parents at the time) and he was playing with his niece who was 2. We came in and he was crawling all over the floor with her playing, chasing, letting her climb and ride on him and he was completely oblivious that we were there. I completely lost my heart that day. I knew for sure he was the one.

Jamie: What’s your favorite small thing that he does for you?

Amanda: I don’t know if I could pick 1 favorite little thing that he does. Maybe the way he holds my hand and plays with my wedding ring in his sleep while I sit up reading on my Kindle. Or the way he says the silly pet name he came up with for me right after we started dating. I never would have thought I’d like a pet name.

Jamie: What’s the grandest gesture he’s ever made?

Amanda: Other than marrying me. Probably buying me the Camaro.

Jamie: What is your husband’s sexiest feature?

Amanda:. Ok I’ll admit I like his butt. But really it’s his hands. They’re big and always warm when he touches me. They’re kinda calloused from hard work and I love them.

Jamie: If Wes were competing in the Husband Games, which events would he win?

Amanda: Probably oil changing. He would also kill it in grilling a great steak or doing who knows what on a lawn tractor, but it’d have to be a lawn tractor not a mower. He definitely knows the difference.

Huge thank you to Amanda and Wes for sharing their love story with us today!

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