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How to Have a Happy 2014

Happy New Year FireworksIn honor of 2014 being the Year of Happiness, as proclaimed by me and celebrated here for the next 365 days and beyond, I present to you the top ten things I’m excited about in 2014!

10. Moving! (Yep, we’re moving again. And yep, I’m  looking forward to it. It’s all about the attitude.)

9. Happy Mondays. (Seriously. Stay tuned. Every Monday this year, I’m going to attempt to share ten things that make me happy. Can I think up 520 unique happy things? It’s gonna be fun!)

8. Husbands of the Year. (We’re celebrating awesome husbands all year in honor of The Husband Games! Know an awesome husband? Email me!)

7. A huge pre-move birthday bash with lots and lots of book giveaways!

Just a hint...

Just a hint at the things coming your way…

6. More highlights of my children. (I think they’re funny. I hope you do too!)

5. Definitely a few more deleted scenes, from both Southern Fried Blues and The Husband Games

4. Jackson Davis’s Guide To Being A Southern Gentleman will go live at some point this year. (I think I need to make some I Heart Jackson Davis T-shirts… what do you think?)

3. Hmmm… do I have a bonus book to release this year? (Maybe!)

2. Character interviews. (You tell me – who do you want to talk to, and about what?)

1. The Husband Games, still on track for a spring release, and looking better every day!


Here’s to a great 2014! Nothing but happy times ahead! 🙂

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