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Husband of the Year – The Physicist

Christine Glover and The Physicist

In honor of this year’s launch of The Husband Games, we’re celebrating awesome husbands every Friday this year! This week, Christine Glover, debut author with Entangled Publishing this summer, is sharing her husband, The Physicist, with us! 

Jamie: Hi, Christine! Tell us how you Read more >

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Conversations with Squeaker

Bad Cars

Squeaker came running up to me with an empty lemonade pitcher. Except the pitcher wasn’t empty anymore.

It was half full of Matchbox and Cars cars.

“Mommy, you take this,” he said, thrusting the pitcher at me. “Them is bad.”

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The Top Ten Things Southerners Need To Know About Snow


We’re supposed to get a snow-slash-sleet storm here in Alabama today.

The polar apocalypse is upon us.

But seriously, snow days are no cause for panic. Here’s all a Southerner needs to know to survive this:


(Just kidding. Get out there and have some fun in this Read more >

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A Year of Happy Mondays, The Fourth

Jamie Farrell's Year of Happy Mondays 4

Ooh, do you hear that? That’s the sound of the last Monday in January. So how are we all doing? Ready to bring in February with its hearts and flowers and romance and happiness?

Okay, okay, I’ll wait for you to get coffee before I mention the love and schmoopsy-poo stuff again.

What Read more >

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When You Can’t Go Home Again

photo 3

This weekend, we did some time traveling.

Er, okay, not really. But we did go to Georgia, to the base where hubby was stationed for four and a half years back when we were wee little baby adults. (Also known as The Time Before Kids.)

In a lot of ways, going back to Georgia felt like going home. Read more >

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A Year Of Happy Mondays, Take Three

Jamie Farrell's Year of Happiness, Happy Mondays Week Three

Yee-haw! It’s Monday morning, which means it’s time to smile!

Too much?

Sorry. Here, I’ll try whispering.

Psstt… y’all awake enough to find a few things to smile about yet? I’ll go nice and easy on you. Promise. All you have to do is read the list below, and hopefully Read more >

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Husband Of The Year – A Long Distance Love

Happy Friday! This year, in honor of the upcoming launch of Read more >

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Home Brewing Turned Healthy

Friday afternoon, Munchkin came running in the door after school with a bag. “Mom!” he yelled. “The neighbor gave me beer stuff for Daddy!”

Which meant the hubby spent part of Saturday afternoon brewing, which meant Saturday evening, I was presented with the normal question:

“Honey, Read more >

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A Year of Happy Mondays, The Second

It’s week two of the Year of Happiness, and we’re pushing ahead full-steam! I have lots of happy things saved up for you guys for the next several weeks. So let’s get down to business with some smiles on this Monday morning, shall we?

This Week’s Top Ten Things To Smile About Read more >

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