Welcome To Bliss

The Husband Games cover teaser 2

Bliss, Illinois, is the fictional Most Married-est Town on Earth where the Misfit Brides of Bliss series is set. I had a ton of fun building the world of Bliss, and I hope you have as much fun reading the books. Until then, here are a few little tidbits about Bliss.

  1. The main street in Bliss is known as The Aisle, and it’s lined with every kind of shop a bride could need to plan her perfect wedding.
  2. Bliss was almost called Harmony, but there’s already a Harmony Township in Illinois.
  3. Every June, Bliss’s Bridal Retailers Association* sponsors the Knot Festival.
  4. Divorce attorneys are not allowed to practice inside Bliss city limits. In fact, the D-word isn’t to be spoken in a voice any louder than a whisper, and even then, only if it can’t be helped.
  5. It’s Bliss tradition that all the wedding-themed businesses are owned by married couples who pass the business down to their happily married children when they retire.
  6. The Knot Fest parade is called the Bridal March, and all the brides of Knot Fest week are invited to walk down The Aisle in the parade.
  7. Bliss’s most famous landmark, a hundred-foot-high, 90’s-style bridge wedding cake monument (complete with a splash pad to represent a wedding cake fountain), may have been subconsciously inspired by Touchdown Jesus.**
  8. There’s a minor league team in Bliss is called the Bachelors, and I’m pretty sure they play baseball. (Bliss is still somewhat of a work in progress.) The minor league hockey team is probably going to be the Grooms, and they both exist because I think it would be fun to write some stories about hockey and baseball players someday.
  9. Knot Fest is really just an excuse to have the Husband Games, which are a set of challenges in which men compete in the hopes of being named Husband of the Year.
  10. The Husband Games were inspired by a conversation with a friend about whose husband was better.***

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