Jamie’s Top Ten Moments of 2013

It’s been a year, and everyone is making their lists.

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While we’re looking back on 2013, I thought I’d share my top ten favorite moments. Hope you enjoy, and if you share your top 2013 moments, let me know. I’d love to link to yours! 🙂

10. I got to explain to my father-in-law what “the girls” are. (Yep, those girls.)

9. My latent super power finally revealed itself.

8. I learned that Redman is a brand of chewing tobacco. Which made the lyrics to Eric Church’s “Love Your Love The Most” make a lot more sense.

(Just listen. You’ll hear it. And you’ll be glad you know Redman is a brand of chewing tobacco too.)

And while we’re talking about country music – my boys learned the lyrics to Miranda Lambert’s “Mama’s Broken Heart.”

(Picture two boys, ages five and two, yelling that at the top of their lungs and dancing. You’re welcome.)

7. I did not cut my finger off

6. My underwear almost broke my washing machine.

5. Our family successfully survived our first military move with three children, despite 2.5 weeks without a functioning kitchen or laundry facilities. Oh, and our dryer broke in the move. But it’s okay. Because we bought a new one from a guy named Bubba.

4. I lost 65 pounds. (Yay Weight Watchers! (And giving birth.))

New Year's Day 2013
At the beach, New Year’s Day 2013
Jamie Farrell and hubby at the Marine Corp Birthday Ball
US Marines Birthday Ball, November 2013


3. Sweet potato pie changed my life. (Which will hopefully not undo what Weight Watchers has done for me.)

2. I sent The Husband Games to my critique partners and betas! (Next is final content edits, then line edits, then copy edits, then proofreading… and then it’s all yours! And look for the cover and official blurb coming very, very soon!)

1. After eleven years of writing, six “real” jobs, five moves, four manuscripts, three kids, and two cats, I released my first published book.  (It’s Southern Fried Blues. Just in case you weren’t sure.)

So, there you have it. My top ten moments of 2013. I can’t wait to see what 2014 brings!

How about you? How was your year?

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