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I Want Your Husbands

Hang on, friends. We’re about to get sappy. 🙂

I’ve been working on The Husband Games for a while now, and this week, I’m knee-deep in revising the section of the book that leads to the crowning of the Husband of the Year. (I can’t wait to share this with you all!) So the book has me thinking about husbands and celebrations and other fun things, like tire changing and steak grilling and hole digging.You know, all those lovely things husbands do.

lover holding hand walking on the beachI like lovely. And I like celebrations. And I like husbands. (And significant others of all orientations and genders, really. Because love is pretty awesome.)

So, next year, in celebration of all our lovely husbands, I want to feature yours.

Yes, yours.

Right here. On my blog.

I want to know why you fell in love with him. I want to know about the little things and the big things and the in-between things he does to be your hero. I want to showcase the happiness and joy that he brings to your life.

Because we can all use a little joy, right? Real love exists outside the pages of a romance novel, and I want to celebrate that.

So, if you know of a fabulous husband (or wife or boyfriend or girlfriend), tell me! You can even nominate someone else’s (or yourself) if you’d like. Everyone’s welcome at this party. 🙂 Just comment here, email me at jamie@jamiefarrellbooks.com, or drop me a line and tell me your husband is awesome, and I’ll send you The Husband Interview. Here – I’ll make it easy on you. You can even just fill in this form and hit the “Submit” button.

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And, to thank you for your participation, here’s a story about a fabulous husband I know. We’ll call him “The Hubby.” 😉

The Hubby and I met through two dorm windows in college while his best friend was trying on women’s dresses, and thus our relationship started. He preps my oatmeal in the mornings, he folds laundry like a champ, and he makes me laugh every day. Sometimes twice.

He’s done a lot of things over the course of our marriage to earn himself a Husband of the Year trophy. Things like perfecting a grilled steak. Arranging his running training schedule so he’s back from his morning runs in time to help the kids get ready. Washing my hair for me when I tried to cut my finger off.

But last Christmas, he secured the title forever. Eleven years ago, he believed in me when I told him I was writing a book, and ever since, he’s made my writing a priority. He’s given me time to take classes, to join writing groups, to write, despite everything else he has on his plate. Last year for Christmas, he took it a step further. He gave me the means to hire an editor and a cover artist so I could publish Southern Fried Blues and the Misfit Brides of Bliss trilogy (starting with The Husband Games). Without him, I probably never would’ve made my dream a reality.

And so I give The Hubby my first Husband of the Year crown. 🙂 I know he’ll do it proud.

Your turn. Tell me about your hubby, and don’t forget to sign him up to be the next Husband of the Year. 🙂

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