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Guest Interview – Jackson Davis and His Thanksgiving Favorites

Perfect late-night snackIt’s Thanksgiving week here in the US, which means… Wait. You know what?

You don’t want to listen to boring old me talk turkey.

I know what you’re here for.

You want to know what Thanksgiving means to a certain charming Southern gentleman.

It’s okay. I’d rather talk to him too. Jackson? Where’d you go?

Jackson peeks around the corner, licking a bit of pie crust off his lips: Yes, ma’am?

Jamie: Come on in here. There are some lovely readers who want to know about your Thanksgiving.

Jackson ambles into the room and stretches out on a couch: Sure thing, Miss Jamie. What are y’all lookin’ to hear about?

Jamie: Let’s start with the easy stuff. Do you like your turkey roasted or deep-fried?

Jackson: Reckon it’d take more bacon grease than the likes of me can save in a year to fry a turkey up right, so don’t suppose there’s any reason to be picky on that. Now, a barbecued turkey though… that’d be a mite bit hard to turn down.

Jamie: Favorite side dish?

Jackson: Anna Grace’s sweet potato pie.

Jamie: That’s not a side dish. That’s dessert.

Jackson: That’s your Yankee side showing, Miss Jamie. ‘Round here, pie’s a side dish. Or breakfast.

Jamie: I suspect your momma would say otherwise. Other than pie, what’s your favorite side dish?

Jackson: Cornbread dressing.

Jamie: Will Anna make it for you?

Jackson: You know, we still ain’t talked about her corn bread. Never thought I’d pledge forever to a girl before I knew a thing about her cornbread, but there you have it. Hope it’s better’n her biscuits, but I’ll love her even if it’s not.

Jamie: What’s your favorite non-food part of Thanksgiving?

Jackson: Used to be football.

Jamie: Used to?

Jackson: Yes, ma’am. Used to. Now it’s eating Anna Grace’s pie.

Jamie: Aww, that’s sweet.

Jackson: Yep, eating Anna Grace’s pie while I’m watching football with my girl. That’s my favorite part.

Jamie: And now for some fun – recently, I asked your friends and fans on Facebook and Twitter if they had any questions for you. And because we’re all grateful for friends and fans, you’re sticking around to answer them, right?

Jackson: Reckon I am if you say I am.

Jamie: First up, Marilyn wants to know what was the first thing you noticed about Anna Grace that made you start falling for her.

Jackson: The very first thing? Huh. Reckon I could take the easy way out and say it was her pie, but I think she got me before then. Looking back, I was a goner the minute I saw her for the second time, when she was standing up about fourteen feet high, looking down on anyone who tried to offer her pity for her unfortunate situation. Takes one heck of a Yankee lady to pull that off in a Southern woman’s house. Didn’t stand much of a chance to resist her after that. And I’m one lucky son of a gun to get to keep her.

Jamie: Okay, before this gets too sappy, let’s take a question from Sacha. She asks, “Jackson, will you marry me–” No, wait, she’s married and took that one back. Okay. The real question: Will you be appearing in any more books?

Jackson: Miss Sacha, Anna Grace and I would take y’all out for some fried chicken and sweet tea if we lived closer. (And I heard a rumor you bake some pretty good biscuits.) As for appearing in other books, I reckon I could do that for all y’all. Anna Grace and her friend Kaci got some bug in their ears about this big ol’ festival up north somewhere. Something about husband games and proving who’s better, me or my buddy Lance. And Miss Jamie tells me I got a friend or two who might could be starring in their own books one of these days. She says she likes me enough to give me a cameo or three.

Jamie: Next up is Jennifer, who wants to know how you like her biscuits.

Jackson: I love my Anna Grace, but I got a feeling Miss Jennifer’s biscuits might could win a few more awards than any biscuits coming out of my kitchen.

Jamie: Lisa wants to know, paper or plastic?

Jackson: Shoot, ain’t nothing but canvas in this house. And Anna Grace has ’em labeled so there ain’t no confusion at the store either. Real smooth system there.

Southern Fried Blues

Jamie: Shelby has an excellent question. She wants to know if you’ll teach Southern gentleman lessons.

Jackson: Reckon I might could find some time for that. Stay tuned, darlin’.

Jamie: And finally, Sarah asks, how you doin’? (wink, wink.)

Jackson: Doing mighty fine, ma’am. Real nice of you to ask.

Jamie: Nice to have you here on the blog today, Jackson.

Jackson: Always nice getting to know new friends. But I gotta get on going. Anna Grace is texting me her grocery list, and I gotta get to the store before they run out of sweet potatoes. Can’t be missing my sweet potato pie this year. Y’all have a happy Thanksgiving.

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