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Conversations With A Homebrewer

Hubby's Wort

Hubby’s Mash (thing number… what are we on?), which is the precursor to Hubby’s Wort

Hubby’s a homebrewer, and he’s made a few batches of beer the last couple weekends. He’s seriously dedicated – no kits for hubby, he does it all from scratch, making his yeast grow in a beaker on the counter (thing number one I never thought I’d say about my husband), grinding his own grains (thing number two I never thought I’d say about my husband), re-engineering a freezer to use it as an appropriately temperature-controlled fermentation chamber (thing number three… you get the point.).

In Florida, we had a compost bin where he’d toss his spent grains after making his wort (thing number four…), but at our new assignment, no such luck. So he’s started getting creative on ways to be environmentally friendly with his beer waste (are we at five?), which led to the following conversation:

The grains in hubby's wort

Hubby’s Spent Grains

Hubby: “I’m saving some of the spent grains to make bread.”

Me: “Oh, neat.”

We both eyeball a cooler full of like 25 cups of spent grains.

Him: “I don’t think I can make that many loaves of bread. Do you know any farmers who need slop for their pigs?”

Me: <The did-you-just-ask-me-that? stare>

Him: “Or we could make dog biscuits.”

Me: <The did-you-just-ask-me-that-too? face> “Did you just say you’re going to make bread for me and our children with the same stuff you’d use for pig slop and dog biscuits?”

Him: “What’s wrong with that?”

We’re nothing if not adventurous, though, so we tried making the bread. It turned out grainy (shocking, right?), and I didn’t put enough flour in it, but I’d definitely try it again!

p.s. Hubby’s going to brew me up a special batch of beer to go along with The Husband Games! Isn’t that nifty?


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