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Sit Back, Relax, And Let My Children Entertain You

Boys And Their Socks

Wool knee socks courtesy of my sister-in-law

I'm still stuffed full of turkey, so I'm taking the easy way out here today and letting my kids entertain you. Here's what they've been up to this month, as recorded on my personal Facebook page:

We have one of those little green dudes that you put out on the edge of your driveway Read more >

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Guest Interview – Jackson Davis and His Thanksgiving Favorites

Perfect late-night snack

It's Thanksgiving week here in the US, which means… Wait. You know what?

You don't want to listen to boring old me talk turkey.

I know what you're here for.

You want to know what Thanksgiving means to a certain charming Southern gentleman.

It’s okay. I’d rather Read more >

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A Southern Magic Holiday Giveaway

One of the perks of being a military wife is that we move around a lot. Sure, the actual moving part can be difficult, but at every new home, I have the opportunity to join new local Romance Writers of America chapters. After all my excitement over the Read more >

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Deleted Southern Fried Blues Scene – Anna and Jackson and the Apology Pie

Mae Daniels 2

Woohoo! You guys are AMAZING! We passed 200 likes on Facebook, so, as promised and voted on by you fabulous readers, here is an extended version of the scene where Anna brings Jackson an apology pie.

(It starts just after the armadillo incident, which is all I’m going to say for those of Read more >

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Guest Interview – CJ Blue from The Husband Games Talks Turkey

Special surprise today! I’ve talked CJ Blue, hero of The Husband Games, into stopping by to tell us about his family’s Read more >

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Friday Flashback – 80’s Style

Hubby finds the best stuff on YouTube.

If that doesn't bring a smile to your Friday, then let me know. I'm good for internet hugs and my monthly giveaway is still up – go enter for a chance to win Southern Fried Blues and Maria Geraci's The Boyfriend of the Month Club.

And Read more >

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Ever Have One Of Those Days?

One sandal, One Darth Vader

The fun thing about having little kids at home who are semi-self-sufficient is that you think you can trust them to do the little things, like put both their shoes away together, in the same place, when they take them off, but in actuality, you can’t even trust two-and-a-half-year-olds Read more >

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The Very Most Important Gift-Getting Rule Of The Holiday Season

Darth Reindeer is laying down the holiday law

Darth Reindeer is laying down the holiday law

Today, I’m imparting some much-needed wisdom about the etiquette of holiday gift-getting, inspired by a childhood and a marriage fraught with men who need this rule in writing and on their calendars. You might also know a woman or two who needs to hear it. And I’m speaking out now, because Read more >

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Fun Times at the Marine Corp Birthday Ball

Marine Corp Ball Table Setting

Over the years, the hubby has taken me to a number of formal Air Force functions, but this weekend, he took me to a Marine Corp Birthday Ball, and I can tell you one very important thing:

Marines know how to throw a party.

They had a chocolate mountain. (Yes, mountain. Though it was so popular Read more >

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Bliss in Pictures

I'm getting super excited about The Husband Games. The book is still a few months out, but look what I found! The Bridal Retailers Association of Bliss put together this little promotional video about the town. Enjoy!

I don’t know about you, but it makes me want to plan a wedding Read more >

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