Ten Little Extras About Southern Fried Blues - Jamie Farrell

Ten Little Extras About Southern Fried Blues

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If you’ve read Southern Fried Blues and want a little bit more, this is for you.

If you haven’t read Southern Fried Blues, you can get a copy from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and more, and there’s also a giveaway for ten signed paper copies at Goodreads right now, and I promise there are no spoilers in this list, so you can enjoy it too!





  1. Jackson’s Mamie’s real name is Edith.
  2. I know who won the Iron Bowl in Southern Fried Blues. But since this is fiction, and therefore changeable, let’s take a vote. Who do you want to have won?
  3. I call the creek where the fish incident happens the Pickleberry Creek. Because I think it’s cute.
  4. Kaci and Lance met at a pumpkin chunkin’ contest. (She accused him of cheating when his pumpkin went farther than hers.)
  5. When I needed a name for the Air Force base where Southern Fried Blues is set, I turned to Facebook for suggestions. Ultimately, the fictional Gellings Air Force Base in southwest Georgia was named after friend’s relative – this man.
  6. Windex actually does help get rid of fire ant infestations in cars. I know this because I parked over an ant bed once. But I don’t know if it relieves the itch of a fire ant bite. Thankfully, I’ve never had to try that.
  7. Remember Eunice, the Cabbage Patch doll who flew the HooverCraft in one of Jackson’s old stories? Eunice was my sister’s Cabbage Patch doll when we were growing up, and my sister was not amused at her mistreatment. I owe her an ice cream cone. (Also? The HooverCraft idea came from a friend’s husband, may his momma’s Hoover rest in peace.)
  8. You, too, can play Redneck Golf! When I learned it in Georgia, that’s what we called it, but apparently the rest of the world thinks of it as Ladder Ball. If you don’t want to buy a kit, you can even make it yourself.
  9. The “Blues” in the title refers not just to having the blues, but also to Air Force dress blues.
  10. The movers who unpacked my house when we moved to Alabama finished the last two pieces of the pie on the cover.Southern Fried Blues

Intrigued? Want more extras! Drop me a line or a comment about what else you’d like to see.


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Sacha says October 9, 2013

I bet windex does take the edge off of a bite. Afterbite has ammonia in it, and that stuff works like a charm!

    Jamie Farrell says October 9, 2013

    I hope none of us ever have to find out, lol.

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