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Something About A Truck

We were out to dinner last week when Squeaker started hollering. “Truck! Truck, Mama! Truck!” This isn’t anything new with Squeaker – he’s in the I Love Trucks phase of preschoolerhood.

But then Munchkin leaned over him to look out the window too. “Mommy, look! There’s an elephant on that truck! He’s checking to see if the spinning tiger is okay.”

The hubby and I looked at each other, then out the window, and then none of us did anything but stare out the window for the next half hour.

Because this was parked right outside:Bama Tide Ride


According to the guy at the booth behind us, this is known as a Tide Ride. It’s all decked out in support of Alabama football, and it makes appearances in parades and at tailgating events. My picture’s a little fuzzy, so let me walk you through it:

Right behind the cab of the truck, beneath the field goal posts, two elephants are spanking a tiger. This truck has animatronics on it. ANIMATRONICS. It could be a ride at Disney World.

In the middle of the bed, an elephant and a Santa Claus dressed in Bama gear are pulling a tiger apart.

At the end of the bed, where my sweet, innocent little Munchkin thought that elephant was checking on that tiger who was rolling over, there’s actually an elephant roasting a tiger over a spit.

This was one cool truck.

(With all respect to Auburn fans, I don’t actually root for one team over the other (though Jackson Davis does, often quite loudly in my head, and I do admit to checking football scores since I know he’d be curious), and I would give equal blog coverage to an equally impressive Auburn tailgating truck had I seen it out the window while I was eating dinner.)

Anyway, this truck reminds me of a scene from Southern Fried Blues, where Anna, my sweet, unsuspecting Yankee heroine, insists to a bunch of Southerners that she knows something about football:

“You ever been to a real football game?” Kaci asked.

“I went to a Big Ten school.” Anna said. “And I’ve seen the Vikings and the Bears play.”

She said it so earnestly, as though it meant something, that Jackson choked back a laugh. Louisa wasn’t as kind, but Lance and Kaci made a good show of taking her serious.

This truck says it all. If it’s not SEC football, it doesn’t count. Not down here.

**For a better picture, check out the People of Walmart post on the truck.

*** If you want to know more about Anna, Jackson, and their respective football teams, you can snag a copy of Southern Fried Blues at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or iBooks!

**** How did your football team do this weekend? Or would you prefer to talk about your Fantasy Boyfriend League Team?

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tam francis says October 9, 2013

I’ve only been in Texas three years and I still haven’t wrapped my head around the football mania. This post cracked me up and made me smile! Thanks 🙂

    Jamie Farrell says October 9, 2013

    It’s crazy, isn’t it? 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! Looking forward to hanging out on The Twitters. 🙂

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