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For my Les Mis Browncoat Friends

The hubby found this last night. It's made of pure awesomesauce. Enjoy!

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Best of October

Munchkin and Squeaker

I don’t talk about them a lot here, but I do have three children. Munchkin’s in kindergarten, Squeaker’s currently halfway between mastering his vocabulary and starting preschool, and Buttercup can crawl and say “Ball.” (She’s very advanced verbally. Or so Read more >

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Who are you going to be this year?

Jamie Farrell, Pirate Wench

We hit about three dozen Halloween parties this weekend, which meant it was dress-up time! We went as a pirate family, because, well, pirates. 

The boots are the number one reason I want to be a pirate wench every year. Just in case you’re wondering. Are you dressing up for Halloween Read more >

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The Danger of Windows in Fall

Kitty Snuggling under the covers

It was so cold in my house this morning that I didn’t want to get out of bed. My cat didn’t want me to get out of bed either. She crawled under the covers to keep me warm when my alarm clock went off.This is Saffron, also knows as The Butter Licker. (We all have our vices.) And what Read more >

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Banana Heaven


Angie's Banana Pudding

Last spring, we stopped in Nashville over spring break and had dinner with friends at a Chinese restaurant, and I got super excited because they had banana pudding. You know the kind, right? With pudding and Nilla wafers and bananas? That’s like milk and fruit and healthy cookies (vanilla’s Read more >

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A Thousand Stories in Fourteen Words


We took the kids to Boo at the Zoo this weekend.

This sign was posted at the entrance.

Makes you wonder, doesn't it? 🙂 Have a great Monday!

p.s. Have you entered to win a signed copy of Southern Fried Blues at Goodreads? The contest ends tomorrow! Go enter!

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How My Super Power Broke A Redneck Getaway

I'm not near as good as Anna in Southern Fried Blues

I'm not near as good as Anna in Southern Fried Blues

We took the family for a little getaway in the backwoods of Alabama recently. Even though only one of the four adults present were actually Southerners, it was a true Southern getaway, complete with redneck golf, fried catfish, ketchup (there was a Southern Minnesotan among us), and directions that Read more >

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When The Reality Doesn’t Meet The Expectations

Where are my house elves?

Where are my house elves?

The other day, I'd managed to use my super-mom ninja skills to sneak away from my whole family to brush my teeth in private, and I was standing there at the sink, brushing away, thinking (and snorting to myself) about how funny it was that before kids, I had this vision of myself.

I was going Read more >

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A Yankee Girl’s Guide To Southern Roulette

Unsweet Tea

This is tea:

This is sweet tea:

This is Southern roulette:

Can you spot the sweet tea?

(Also, for true Southern roulette, these could also be in matching crystal or red solo cups.)

Since I’ve lived in the South for almost a decade, I decided recently that I needed to attempt to expand my repertoire of Southern dishes. And I had never made Read more >

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The Chocolate Chip Cookie Smackdown

Because I love you guys, and because I'm a giver, I took it upon myself recently to make the three best chocolate chip cookie recipes in the whole world, and then to try them at all stages and compare them against one another so you don't have to.

Because I know that would be a hardship. Read more >

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