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How Did You Meet?

Since I love love stories, and since I love funny stories, and since I hope you all love the same, today I’m sharing how my hubby and I first met, and I hope you’ll share back how you met your significant other!


Aren't we sweet?

All these years later, he’s still my inspiration

A Brief History:

I grew up in central Illinois. Hubby grew up in St. Louis. I’m two months older than he is. (That’s right. I’m totally a cougar.) When we graduated high school, having never met and having no idea our destiny, I picked a little engineering college in Missouri and hubby decided to go far, far from home, all the way to Minnesota. But hubby’s best high school friends signed up to go to school the same place I did, and during our first semester of college, I became friends with his high school friends.

You caught that little bit about me going to an engineering school, right? Here’s what that really means:

There were three or four guys for every girl at my college.

And here’s what that really means:

Since the women were scarce, the dorms hosted beauty pageants to judge which of the men made the best women.

(It was college, it was fun, the men fought over the honor of competing, and the women knew we had nothing to worry about.)

So one beautiful fall Saturday, a couple weeks before the pageant, I was in my dorm room with the window wide open, and I kept hearing explosive laughter from the room around the corner. Like serious, we’re-having-a-blast-in-here laughter. The kind of laughter that makes you want to drop everything you’re doing and run to the party so you can laugh along too.

Because of how the dorm was built (see the picture below), I leaned out my window to call into the room around the corner, “Hey! What are you guys doing in there?”

At which point my friend, the owner of the room around the corner, called back through her window, “The Macker’s here, and Spoons is trying on women’s clothing!”**

Where We Met

The Actual Building Where We Met

Not what you hear every day, is it? 🙂

Neither is, “Do you have any dresses that would fit him?”

But that’s what came. So I donated my sexy red high school homecoming dress to hubby’s best friend (yes, hubby has pictures, and no, I’m not at liberty to share them). Hubby and I didn’t actually meet face-to-face that day. I don’t remember where I had to be or why, but I wasn’t able to join in the fun. (Most likely, I was feeling shy.) And when hubby and I met face-to-face for the first time, almost two years later at a party, it wasn’t until the red dress story came up that we realized we’d met once before.

Through two windows, while his best friend tried on women’s clothing.

Do you have a good how-we-met story? Or a favorite first meeting scene from a book or movie? I’m super excited for you all to see how Natalie and CJ “meet” in The Husband Games next spring. There might be a similarity or two to my story with hubby, now that I think about it…

Can’t wait to hear your stories!

** Names and nicknames changed to protect me from being googled by the not-so-innocent. ***

*** Except Hubby reads my blog, so I should probably say instead that he’s outgrown being called “The Macker.” In fact, he recently expressed a desire to be known as “His Royal Highness.” ****

**** He denies this, of course. So we’re still looking for a good nickname for him. All suggestions welcome.

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Amy R says September 25, 2013

Fun story – now I have to ask WHERE in Central Illinois did you grow up? If you are willing to tell me (or email me privately)? I grew up in Central Illinois and now live in east Central Illinois…I met my husband in college – through friends. I was in Drumline at ISU and so was his best friend, so he came to all the parties and we hit it off. Nothing too crazy except he was too nice. I wasn’t sure I wanted to date him at first because he was so nice but then I realized all the other guys I dated were jerks so I needed to give this nice guy a try. We have been together for 17 years and married for 14. 🙂

    Jamie Farrell says September 25, 2013

    Aww, I love nice guy stories! 🙂 Hooray for 17 and 14 years! And I’m totally emailing you! 🙂

marcyshuler says June 22, 2015

Aww…the picture of you two is adorable! I was able to dress my 6’10” hubby as a ballerina for a work Halloween party. 😀

I think you’ve already heard this, but hubby and I met on a locked Psych unit. LOL No, he wasn’t a patient. I was the charge nurse on the midnight shift and he was a nurse’s aide. I had no clue he was even interested. Apparently he wasn’t going to ask me out since he didn’t think I’d go. The nurse who worked the shift on my days off gave him a talking to and told him to at least give me the option to say yes…which I did. LOL We were married about a year later and just had our 24th anniversary last week.

    Jamie Farrell says June 23, 2015

    Marcy, that is an AWESOME “how we met” story!! <3 <3 I love it!!

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