How Did You Meet?

Aren't we sweet?
All these years later, he’s still my inspiration

Since I love love stories, and since I love funny stories, and since I hope you all love the same, today I’m sharing how my hubby and I first met, and I hope you’ll share back how you met your significant other!

A Brief History:

I grew up in central Illinois. Hubby grew up in St. Louis. Read more >

Who Are The People You Meet?

I'm sticking my neck out, looking for a friend
I’m sticking my neck out, looking for a friend

Raise your hand if you’re kinda shy.

Me too. It makes parties hard, especially parties in new places with new people, and especially if I’ve spent too many days alternating between talking only to my family and the imaginary people in my head. Oh, and the cats. I totally talk to the cats Read more >