Southern Fried Blues, Cover Edition - Jamie Farrell

Southern Fried Blues, Cover Edition

No witty conversation here today. Instead, a thousand words:

If you like the cover, you'll love the book!


Isn’t it beautiful?! If you like this, you’ll love Anna and Jackson. Their story is coming soon. Soon!!

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Super huge thanks to Kellie from Novel Graphic Designs for the awesome cover!

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Ellen says August 22, 2013

This is beautiful! LOVE the cover!!!

    Jamie Farrell says August 22, 2013

    Thanks, Ellen! 🙂 Kellie did an awesome job!

Dee says August 22, 2013

this looks really cute – are you going to be sending out any ARC’s to blogs – because I would be interested – I review a little bit of everything on my blog

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