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How To Make The Perfect Peach Pie

Step One:
Find a county named after peaches. Go there. Even if it’s raining.
They grow the best peaches here!

Step Two:
Follow the signs. Even if it’s raining and you can’t see the signs very well.
Can't you just taste those?!

Step Three:
After you go from the parking lot to the building in the pouring rain, do not close your umbrella over your head. Trust me. That takes a special kind of special, and you don’t want to be that special. Especially not with witnesses. Although, if you’re going to have witnesses, have the kind of witnesses who like to laugh so hard they can’t take a picture or video of you closing your umbrella over your head, so at least there’s no evidence.

Step Four:
When you get to the peach packing plant, eat peach cobbler topped with peach ice cream to put you in a peachy kind of mood. Share with your children, but only if you absolutely must.
My mouth is watering

Step Five:
Buy a big ol’ box of peaches and take it home. A big box of peaches won’t do. Neither will an ol’ box. It has to be a big ol’ box.
Or get two boxes.

Step Six:
Let them sit for a couple days to get to that perfect stage of ripe.
If you're not drooling, your'e not human.

Step Seven:
Make pie crusts, peel and slice peaches, add sugar, flour, cinnamon, and whatever else might tickle your fancy, add some latticework, and toss the pies in the oven. (What? This is the easy part!)
A note on pie dough: My mom taught me that the secret to rolling a perfect pie crust was in making the dough moist enough. Since she let me feel her pie dough, I haven’t had a single pie crust fall apart on me.
This is going to be good

Step Eight:
Let it cool.
Perfect late-night snack

Step Nine:
Eat it!
Hello, there, Mr. Pie


And there you have it. Perfect peaches, perfect pie crust, a little bit of love, and you, too, can have a Peach Pie Face On A Plate.

But if I were you, I’d get some ice cream first. Maybe cinnamon. Or vanilla bean. Or find a good cinnamon sauce and go for the whipped cream.

Any way you eat it, enjoy! 🙂

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