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Top Shelf Reads – A Girl Like You

This weekend, my wonderful friend and amazing critique partner, Maria Geraci, is up for a RITA. (It’s like Romance Writer’s of America’s version of an Oscar.) Her book, A Girl Like You, is nominated in the Novel with Strong Romantic Elements category, and I am so excited to have a ticket to the awards ceremony!

If you haven’t read it, let me tell you a little about A Girl Like You.A Girl Like You

For starters, I loved the heroine, Emma Frazier. Who hasn’t ever felt like the outsider, or like she was “the ugly friend?” I would love to sit down and have a cup of coffee with Emma. She’s a modern woman balancing her career with her roots and her dreams for the future. So very relatable.

Then there’s the supporting cast. Like all of Maria’s books, A Girl Like You is full of characters who come to life. They’re warm, they’re funny, and they’re all so real, from the moms to the friends to the coworkers to the love interests. Maria has a gift for creating multi-dimensional characters with fantastic flaws and conflicting desires.

Did I mention the love interests? Every time I thought I knew who Emma’s perfect match was, I was wrong, and that was absolutely perfect. The quality of the men in this book was top-notch. I loved every word of the romantic storyline.

In short, if you like smart, funny romantic fiction, you’ll love A Girl Like You.  It’s a perfect summer read, and I can’t wait to celebrate with Maria at the RITAs Saturday night!

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