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Ten Tidbits About Marriage and Weddings

Celebrating BlissI’m celebrating today! The Husband Games is now in the capable hands of my awesome critique partners. Are you getting excited to hear more about it? I’m getting excited to tell you more about it! In the meantime, here are ten interesting tidbits about marriages and weddings.


  1. Eureka Springs, Arkansas, has the most weddings per capita of any town in the US.
  2. There are real husband games – like the Wife Carrying Championships
  3. Divorce rates are complicated, and aren’t actually the 50% rate frequently cited.
  4. St. Joseph, Michigan, was once the Wedding Capital of the Midwest.
  5. About five percent of all weddings in America are done in Vegas.
  6. The Husband Games is set in the fictional town of Bliss, Illinois, The Most Married-est Town on Earth. But in reality, you can get married in Hell. Hell, Michigan, that is.
  7. Just for fun, here’s a list of the Top 10 Bizarre Places To Get Married.
  8. In certain situations, you can get married by proxy in California, Colorado, Texas, and Montana.
  9. In February, a couple married over 80 years was recognized as having the longest marriage in America.
  10. And on a global scale, here’s a list of the 12 Most Expensive Weddings In History. Wow!


Are you feeling the love yet? What’s your favorite wedding tidbit?

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