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PCS Pizza, aka Making Do(ugh) During A Military Move

The extent of my kitchen utensils

The extent of my kitchen utensils in the new house

When the movers came last Wednesday, we assumed we'd have our stuff by Monday at the latest.

Turns out we might not see it until August 16. And the movers packed nearly my entire kitchen. Before they got to it, I assembled a Kitchen Survival Kit, which consisted of this:

and this:

and a 2-cup and Read more >

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My Favorite Moments of RITA Night

Yay! Hubby came for a visit at the new house this weekend and brought the cable for my camera, so I can finally share a couple pictures from the Romance Writers of America's annual RITA awards!

I don’t know how I got so lucky to have such wonderful friends, but I’m grateful for each Read more >

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Top Shelf Reads – A Girl Like You

This weekend, my wonderful friend and amazing critique partner, Maria Geraci, is up for a RITA. (It’s like Romance Writer’s of America’s version of an Oscar.) Her book, Read more >

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Husband of the Year

Yep, I'm that smart

Turns out trying to slice the tip of your pinky off while making dinner isn't the smartest plan.

The ER doctors and nurses were fantastic. No stitches necessary, but I had to learn to type nine-fingered for a while there. I was also told bad things would happen if I got the bandage wet.

For Read more >

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And This Is Why My Husband Is Not The Romance Writer In The Family

Carrot Freak

I don't really know what this carrot has to do with husbands and vacations and romance writing, but life with boys sometimes makes me feel this special.

We escaped moving stress for the weekend with a trip over to Jacksonville. Hubby likes to drive, and he likes me to keep him entertained by talking to him when I’m not keeping the kids entertained. He’s usually a good sounding board for plotting and brainstorming, so a couple hours in Read more >

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