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Ten Awesome Things Husbands Do

While doing some research for The Husband Games, I googled “things husbands do.” The result was a list of all kinds of things husbands don’t do, things women wish their husbands wouldn’t do, and things husbands do to drive us women batty.

But I like my husband.

And I like happiness in the world.

Your mileage may vary, and feel free to substitute boyfriend, partner, roommate, or whatever works for you, but here’s my list of ten awesome things that my husband does.

  1. He’s a top notch clothes-folder.
  2. He’s also a very proficient splinter-picker.
  3. His genetically enhanced tolerance for dirt makes him the perfect candidate for cleaning out the back of the vegetable drawer. Among other jobs.
  4. He’s an expert at making me laugh, lately with just a brow-wiggle that turns innocent dinner conversation with the children (“Stop wagging your limp green bean at me!”) into innuendos.
  5. He’s a cheap jungle gym for the children to play on.
  6. He believes in me.
  7. He gives me all his chocolate.
  8. The man knows his way around a grill. Hello, yummy goodness!
  9. Sometimes he lets me win when we’re playing Settlers of Catan.
  10. He loves me unconditionally.


What did I miss? Tell me what your significant other does!

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