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Anatomy of a Family Photo

A Mother’s Guide to a Memorable Family Photo Experience

Step One: Set a date

Plan a couple months in advance so you can finally lose those fifteen pounds you’ve been carrying around since giving birth five years ago. (And the ten each from the subsequent pregnancies.)

Step Two: Get a haircut

As the big day approaches, arrange for babysitting so you can go by yourself, or schedule the haircut Read more >

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How Not To Talk To Your Five-Year-Old About Brains

Mmmm, braaaaiiiinssss

Mmmm, braaaaiiiinssss

Munchkin is obsessed with crawfish. He’s never had one, but since being told you eat them by “sucking their brains out,” he asks for them All. The. Time. This morning, he asked, “Mom? When you suck the crawfish brains, do you have two brains, or do you just switch brains Read more >

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Ten Awesome Things Husbands Do

While doing some research for The Husband Games, I googled “things husbands do.” The result was a list of all kinds of things husbands don’t do, things women wish their husbands wouldn’t do, and things husbands do to drive us women batty.

But I like my husband.

And I like Read more >

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How Not To Use Your Food Processor

Kitchen Chaos Blade

I pulled the food processor out to shred some cheese the other day, and this happened:

Yeah, I don’t think that’s how it’s supposed to fit either. Took the hubby a few cuss words and several minutes with the pliers to pry the blade out of the lid. The same food processor Read more >

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Top Ten Things You Can Expect To See Here

Thanks for stopping by! I’m excited to be here, and I hope I can add something unique and entertaining to your life, even if just for a few minutes. As this website launches, here’s a quick little run-down of the types of posts you can expect to see popping up here from time to time:

  1. My books! As they become available, they’ll all be listed on my Books Page.
  2. Tales of an accidental southern belle (Also known as “Tales of a midwestern military wife who was transplanted to the south for a lot longer than she expected.”)
  3. Domestic entertainments–or, as my husband likes to call them, “Kitchen accidents.”
  4. Descriptions of some crazy dreams
  5. More top ten lists
  6. Recipes from a busy mom
  7. Discussions of hot guys and husbandly duties (hint hint: we’re going to be staging some husband games)
  8. Books I’ve loved and want to share with the world
  9. The antics of the children
  10. Your stories! Let me know what you want to talk about.

I Read more >

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